Pray for Australia Bushfires 2019-2020

Press release

The Buddhist Federation of Australia and its members and friends in Australia and New Zealand wish to express our compassion for all those suffering from the horrific bushfires that are devastating many regions of Australia. In particular, we empathise with the people around the border between NSW and Victoria and the border between Queensland and NSW. We have never seen so many homes and living beings lost and people displaced in Australia


Our prayers are dedicated especially to the many volunteer firefighters who sometimes face great danger in their service to the community. Each day, in NSW alone, around 2000 of them are out on the containment lines, protecting homes, communities and wildlife. It is estimated that 20,000 buildings have been saved, this fire season, due to their efforts.

We invite the Sangha and the laypeople of all the Buddhist disciplines represented in Australia and New Zealand to offer a prayer of hope, and / or to dedicate a Metta (loving kindness) meditation, to these firefighters and to those who have lost everything.

This photo was the UN VESAK 2019 at Belmore Park

A mass prayer and meditation for rain and the well-being of all will be conducted at temples and homes of the Buddhist Community on Australia Day 26 January 2020. Everyone will be most welcome to join this special service.

We call on all Buddhists and their friends to do whatever we can to support the firefighters and victims in the affected areas.

The Buddhist Federation of Australia with its 67- year journey in Australia continues to work with other faith communities and government agencies for more effective assistance and recovery

Contact: Dr Jeff Wilson on +61 432106556

Phrakrusamu Satit +61 411453946

Henry Dang + 61 417422171

file in pdf format BFAAusBushfire2019-2020

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