VESAK 2017

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2017 Australian Observance of the United Nations Day of Vesak will be held at:


The Mall, Bankstown NSW 2200
Saturday 6th May 2017 from 9:30am to 3:00pm

Come join us in commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha and celebrating this years’ theme “Living in Harmony”.
There will be:

  • Displays of Buddha Relics
  • Music and theatre performances by Buddhist and Cultural Groups;
  • Buddhist Chanting
  • Children’s activities
  • Information stalls
  • International food stalls

This is an annual festival where Buddhist Monks and Nuns from different Buddhist traditions, the Australian Government, the United Nations, communities and people from different ethnicities and faith come together in peace and harmony.

This event aims to bring Buddha’s profound teachings to the wider Australian community in the hope of bringing harmony and happiness into people’s daily life

It will be an honour for the united Buddhist communities and the Organising Committee to welcome your presence. Additionally, your kind and generous donation will ensure this years’ UN Vesak day be a success.

Letters of Support

The Message of Support from The Hon. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General


UN Secretary General- Message on the Day of Vesak – 10 May 2017

The Message of Support from The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, PM

Mr Malcolm Turnbull

Message  of Support from The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia 

The Message of Support from The Hon. Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader


Message of Support from The Hon Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader

The Message of Support from The Hon. Zed Seselja, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural 


Senator Zed Seselja

Message of Support from The Hon Zed Seselja

Life of the Buddha


According to tradition, the historical Buddha lived from 563 to 483 B.C., although scholars postulate that he may have lived as much as a century later. He was born to the rulers of the Shakya clan, hence his appellation Shakyamuni, which means “sage of the Shakya clan.” The legends that grew up around…

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Buddhists celebrate birth of Gautama Buddha – 8 April

The Birth of Buddha

On this day, Buddhists celebrate the commemoration of the birth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, thought to have lived in India from 563 B.C. to 483 B.C. Actually, the Buddhist tradition that celebrates his birthday on April 8 originally placed his birth in the 11th century B.C., and it was not…

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Common Buddhist Chanting


Common Buddhist Chanting (Buddha Puja) is originally a project of the Unity and solidarity plan initiated by the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) Standing Committee on Unity and Solidarity, and endorsed by the 22nd WFB General Conference at Shah Alam, Malaysia in 2002. The Common Buddhist Chanting text herewith enclosed is the outcome of a year-long collective work with strong commitment and dedication of the Common Buddhist Chanting project team in Australia with the guidance, assistance and support of the Senior Buddhist Sangha, Buddhist leaders and scholars of various Buddhist traditions.

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