Pray for Australia Bushfires 2019-2020

Press release The Buddhist Federation of Australia and its members and friends in Australia and New Zealand wish to express our compassion for all those suffering from the horrific bushfires that are devastating many regions of Australia. In particular, we empathise with the people around the border between NSW and Victoria and the border between... Continue Reading →

The History of Vesak Day

Dr Jeff Wilson, 1/05/2019 The term ‘Vesak’ comes from the name of the second month of the Hindu calendar; vesākho in Pali and vaisākha in Sanskrit. Small festivals were probably held on the full-moon day of this month in ancient times when one’s sins could be cleansed by bathing in the Ganges and one celebrated... Continue Reading →

Buddhism, 2600 years on

Not being a student of the history of Buddhism, there is little I can say about the transmission of Buddhism from India to so many countries throughout Asia, and now to the remainder of the world, other than commenting on how remarkable this phenomenon is. To my mind, the flourishing of Buddhist philosophy, psychology, and... Continue Reading →

Australian UN Day of Vesak 2012 in progress

During the month of May, there is one significant day for all Buddhists called Vesak or the Buddha’s Day. Thousands of people will join together to commemorate the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing away of the Buddha. At the 45th meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations (13 December, 1999), Vesak Day was recognized... Continue Reading →

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