Vesak 2013

Buddha Relic Sri Lanka

The UN Day of Vesak 2013 at Sydney Town Hall is approaching. Buses have been booked for Sangha and Buddhist followers, also some small buses for the multicultural performers will come from many temples and communities. They are all looking forward to the joy of the Vesak celebration, the victory day of the Lord Buddha. Non-Buddhists are very welcome and entry is free.

The celebration this year includes an exhibition from 1.30 pm for anyone who is passing by Sydney Town Hall on Sunday 26 May. Anyone can just walk in and have a look at the interesting information and learn something about Vesak. In the afternoon, registration starts from 1.00pm and all are welcome to walk into the hall. It is not only a Buddhist ceremony; you can also see almost 2 hours of colourful multicultural performances that convey the art of living in the Buddhist way.

All are welcome to The Australian Observance of the United Nations Day of Vesak 2013

Sunday 26 May 2013


Sydney Town Hall

call for info 02 9655 1128 or 0433 772 072

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